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Within ten years

28 Jun

Last year I asked the Internet, “Is Witten’s new method of quantization useful for geometric complexity theory?” This was prompted by a rather vague notion that Ketan Mulmuley’s “geometric complexity theory”, which concerns itself, among other things, with certain algebraic varieties, might be able to profit by examining the loop spaces based on those varieties.

In the months since then, I learnt a lot more physics, but rather less complexity theory. A few days spent studying Ryan Williams’s celebrated incremental advance regarding circuit lower bounds was the high point of my complexity studies (unless you count an excursion into Conjecture 5 in the Aaronson-Arkhipov paper on noninteracting bosonic computation)… But a recent poll regarding when and how “P versus NP” will be decided (in particular, some rather silly responses) has prompted me to finally create my very own complexity-theory blog – perhaps to back up my own contention that the matter will be decided “within ten years”, by an extension of Mulmuley’s program to motivic mathematics.

Now that the blog has been created, it may languish, neglected, for a while. But so long as it’s there, I can keep going back to it. And perhaps, in time, it will amount to something.